Recipe for Enchantment #20

Living a Life of Enchantment is Very Simple. You need to stir together and develop seven capacities that we all have:

1. You need to know yourself.

2. You need also to like yourself.

3. You need to meet your needs.

4. You need to build pleasure and replenishment into your life.

5. You need to belong.

6. You need to find mentors and to be a mentor.

7. You need to build a life Pokies of meaning–your positive behaviors are the key to this.

That’s it. Stir these capacities together.

Feel free to mix and match. You may find you are seasoning your life with one or two more than the others at various stages.

That is OK.

Eventually they all work in your behalf. Don’t be afraid to pass this recipe on. The more people who ‘cook’ their lives in this fashion, the happier we will all be.

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