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This was in Mary Ellen’s Angelscribe news.  And it is just the kind of good news we need to hear at this season!  Enjoy. Good News Our Angels and Miracles Global Prayer team, was asked to pray for a wild white cat, seen in a Californian Rescue Center. The white cat’s life has dramatically transformed! […]

Tang Wei speaks the language of THE ENCHANTED SELF

In the August Vogue, 2007 Caroline Palmer interviewed Tang Wei.  Here is a quote from that article, "A self-professed tomboy, Tang says adopting a higher profile has been a seamless adjustment.  "there is an old saying in China: Each year, we grow more branches and show more leaves, but our trunk remains unchanged.  Who we […]

Comments by Al Gore Receiving the Nobel Prize

Receiving the Nobel Prize today,Al Gore said, "If you want to go quickly go alone.  If you want to go far go together."  He mentioned that this is an African Proverb. This wonderful quote is a great Recipe for Happiness.  As a Positive Psychologist I know how important it is to be connected to others […]

A Young Girl’s Diary-Ginger May-age 11

Ginger May, Preface "This isn’t a real book.  Its’s a diary.  ..and it’s going to be finished when I’m married. .When my love story comes in it will be interesting, but I’m only eleven now….There’s really nothing interesting like the divorce in ‘Mary Marie’ but something might happen.  You never can tell.  Anyway, you”ll see […]