Dr. Holstein here !

  You know, I have found that all of us suffer from some degree of pessimism.  Certainly, I have at times.  I work THE ENCHANTED SELF program, just as I teach others.  For example, today I had some medical tests and rather than allowing my anxiety to sky-rocket I kept thinking of fun things I […]

Life Story

Hi again from Dr. Holstein. I was just talking to a senior citizen who was compiling some of his life story. How wonderful. We all need to review our lives on occasion, not from the point of view of what went wrong, but from the point of view that we have been heroes or heroines, […]

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein introduces herself

Dear Folks,  I’m excited about starting a blog around the core principles of THE ENCHANTED SELF.   What is it?  You can find out a lot at www.enchantedself.com.  Basically, it is a method of bringing DELIGHT into your daily life, while also living a life of purpose and meaning.  I hope we can share how to […]