Share Your Heroine

The TRUTH, I’m 10, I’m Smart and I Know Everything! by Dr Barbara Holstein "Tell us about your heroine — the female lead in your book. The heroine in THE TRUTH, I’m Ten, I’m Smart and I Know Everything! is a ten-year old girl. She is funny, wise, honest and she really does know the […]

“The Truth” about some adults!

"Yesterday my father’s cousin George came to visit from Las Vegas, where he lives.  He stayed for lunch and then we took him to the Lake and then we went to Howard Johnson’s for supper and my parents treated him.  After we came home, we sat in the living room for a long time.  He […]

A Blessing to Help Ease Us Into Autumn

As the leaves begin to fall may your spirits lift, As the weather cools may your true passions thrive, As winter comes closer may you know true warmth, As the sun hides, may your inner clouds dissolve And may you always remember that behind all Is a Song just waiting to be Sung! Dr. Barbara […]

New Post on My Best Friend’s Story Blog   This is a great blog where I had a chance to talk about my character and how she was affected by her in her mind friendship with Nancy Drew.  I hope you enjoy reading this and stop in at Nikki’s blog for the other Best Friends! Thursday, September 6, 2007 The TRUTH, I’m 10, […]