Dr. Barbara’s Mission

Positive psychology through enchantment.

As a positive psychologist it is my mission and pleasure to teach you to put joy back into your life, while increasing your enthusiasm and energy. What started for me as a research project to see what messages we absorb as girls in our society, led instead to a ‘secret’ about women that I felt had to be revealed and emphasized. The ‘secret’ is that we have great capacities for happiness and pleasure and joy. However, the dark side of the ‘secret’ is that we don’t know how to use these capacities to our advantage. Sometimes we even forget they are there. 

The results of not being happy as women can be incredibly painful for all of us. There can be a loss of energy, both physical and emotional, which will interfere with mental health and the fulfillment of one’s desires. There can even be chronic depression. My mission is a passionate one. I’ll help you to put the passion back into living your life so that you can reclaim what is rightfully yours: Happiness.

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