Wisdom Overheard

Overheard "You shouldn’t say any of the dumb things that make people sad." This is a wonderful simple Recipe For Happiness.  So many times we are thoughtless and say ‘dumb’ remarks that just hurt someone for no good reason.  Sometimes we think we are giving useful feedback but we aren’t.  Sometimes we just can’t control […]

You Hear The Sound of Water….

"You hear the sound of water and you know where you want to be." Rumi Yes, the above is a simple Recipe for Enchantment.  We are all able to be triggered into pleasant memories that then can send us on to a joyful mini-vactation of the mind, if we let the memories do their job.  […]

Recipe for Summer Happiness

When I had the paper version of THE ENCHANTED SELF newsletter we would run a column called, "My spirit Soars When…."  We had some lovely entries.  Here are several I found on a scrap of paper the other day: "My spirit soars when the sea wind ruffles my long skirt ias I skip in the […]

Miracle Stories

I love miracle stories! As a positive psychologist I am always encouraging my clients, and others to look at the glass as half full. I heard this story today: A religious Jewish man sat on a plane next to a non-religious Jewish man and offered him some Kosher food. The other man said "No, I […]

Romantic Lockets are the Hot Spring Accessory!

I was reading in Woman’s World for 4/17/07 how Romantic lockets are the hot spring accessory.  "They’re so trendy worn with everything from a T-shirt to a flirty dress to an evening gown…."  The article also mentions how you can keep loved ones close to your heart with lockets that open for pictures. This is […]

Recipe for Happiness

Here are some words that inspire bad feelings and thoughts: Bitterness, Apathy, Fear, Pessimism, Selfishness.  Wow-I don’t want to even write any more words like that.  Let’s cleanse the atmosphere with positive words that bring light to the world. Here are some: Tranqulity, Compassion, Courage, Creativity, Dignity, Empathy, Forgiveness, Generosity, Gratitude, Hope, Love…. Wow-I could […]


My mother, Bernice Becker, www.storiestofeelgood.com  once wrote a story entitled, I Did-and You Can Too. She talks about how "In truth I was somewhat like the heroine of a soap opera."  She shares how to went from being a bored housewife to getting a master’s degree in education.  It all started by taking one art […]