Recipe for Happiness

Here are some words that inspire bad feelings and thoughts: Bitterness, Apathy, Fear, Pessimism, Selfishness.  Wow-I don’t want to even write any more words like that.  Let’s cleanse the atmosphere with positive words that bring light to the world.

Here are some: Tranqulity, Compassion, Courage, Creativity, Dignity, Empathy, Forgiveness, Generosity, Gratitude, Hope, Love….

Wow-I could just keep going with words like the above.  I’m feeling lighter and lighter~ It is amazing how good words help bighten our lives and the world.

So my recipe is simple:  Use words in your speech that are filled with light and positive energy.  Use them in three ways: 1. Use them literally in your vocabulary rather than negative words.  2. Speak in a way that helps others experience the concepts that are implied in the bright words.  3. By the way you live, live the concepts yourself.

Your friends, your loved ones and the world at large will thank you for taking to heart this Recipe for Happiness.   Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein,

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