Press Kit

Thank you for your interest in my work.  If you would like to interview me, use my articles, or simply find out more about The Enchanted Self process, please contact me directly at

Just click on the link to download my Media Kit.  (You will need to unzip the file. For a copy of WinZip®, go to  Free evaluation versions are available.)  Here is what is included in the media kit:

* Several Images and Logos such as the Enchantress Within, Two Photographs of Dr. Barbara, and Book Covers Suitable for Posting on a Web Site (GIF & JPG format)
* Scanned Copies of Publicity Fliers (BMP format)
* Scanned Copies of Publication Pages Featuring Dr. Barbara (JPG & PDF format)
* Dr. Barbara's Biography (PDF format)
* Information and Excerpts from Her Two Books (PDF format)
* Sample Article (PDF format)
* Sample Press Release (PDF format)
* Seven Ways People Sabotage their Happiness (PDF)
* The Seven Ingredients to Enchantment (PDF)
* Discussion Topics (PDF)
* Sample Interview Questions (PDF)
* How to Order (PDF)

THE ENCHANTED SELF® is the perfect addition to any print publication, e-magazine or web site featuring articles on positive psychology, inspiration, well-being, good news, women, stories with a Jewish flair, or books.  As a therapist in private practice for more than 18 years, Dr. Barbara has taught many people, both clients and the public, how to enhance their lives--and consequently live lives of meaning and joy--by reclaiming what is positive about themselves. This is different from the traditional psychotherapeutic model because it is a paradigm shift designed to help us focus on our abilities and our strengths rather than our disabilities and our weaknesses.  She calls this process "The Enchanted Self, A State of Well Being, Joy, and Happiness".

Many inspirational stories and educational materials are available.  To view a list of publications Dr. Barbara has written for, visit here Resources Link.  If you would like to use Dr. Holstein's content in your own publication, please note the following:

* Column Length: 500-1,000 words
* Column Frequency: weekly
* Rights: non-exclusive rights to anyone carrying THE ENCHANTED SELF®
* Contact: Dr. Barbara Holstein at for more information.