Recipe for Enchantment

   “Also notice what perks your magic up and relieves apathy or fatigue.  When you hit upon it, you’ll experience a more-alive feeling, an excitement, or simply a gentle interest: these are signs of life force in your work.   Spend more time in these areas.  Document them in your journal.” —    © Positive Energy […]

Recipe for Happiness from Benjamin Franklin

Gretchen Rubin has a great blog called The Happiness Project. She quoted Benjamin Frankin today, saying: A quotation from Benjamin Franklin. [Of his plan for achieving virtue, which I used as a model for my happiness project] "On the whole, though I never arrived at the perfection I had been so ambitious of obtaining, […]

Positive Memories Encourage Happiness

Tonight I was talking to a dear friend of the family.  She was remembering memories of both my mother and my father and sharing them with me.  Betty and my mother were best friends since girlhood.  In fact, in my mother, Bernice Becker’s book, FEEL GOOD STORIES, there are eight illustrations.  These were all done […]

Unhappy Children Can Walk Back To Happinss

Walking back to happiness How can young people’s low spirits be improved? The children’s commissioner has a few good ideas. Anna Bawden reports Tuesday March 20, 2007The Guardian The children’s commissioner for England, Al Aynsley-Green. Photograph: David Levene Professor Sir Al Aynsley-Green likes teachers. A lot. The children’s commissioner for England, always an outspoken defender […]

Recipe for Happiness in China

Marriage Affects Women’s Happiness Most   Marriage affects Chinese women’s happiness most, and women in their first marriage feel the happiest, according to the recently published 2006 Chinese Women’s Life Survey. The survey points out that 45.6 percent of respondents think their marriage is happy; about 20 percent show mutual respect with their husbands in […]

Recipe for The Embroidery of Our Lives

Today I was going through some old papers I have collected around THE ENCHANTED SELF which is now about 14 years old.  My intitial positive memory work and the resultant shift for the treatment room actually happened perhaps 15 or 16 years ago.  Time flies!  In fact, I wrote the rought draft of THE ENCHANTED […]

Recipe For Success

Continuous effort–not strength or intelligence–is the key to unlocking our potential.~Winston Churchill Simply put this is a great recipe for success.  My father always said that inspiration was 99% perspiration and 1 % inspiration.  It is the persistence and the capacity to hang in when our ideas, our dreams, our talents, even our style or […]