The Loss of A Mother, My Mother

Some of you know that my mother passed away last November 11th. It is now almost a year. I miss her so much. Sometimes I feel she is right here still with me. One example is when I sit down to write my latest book, a romance-mystery novel for women, I feel often that she […]

Today I am sharing with you part of a paper I wrote on The Enchanted Self, entitled: Origins of a Positive Psychology for Women: Full Circle A Therapists Recognition of The Enchanted Self in Her Clients as Well as Herself

My search for what I call The Enchanted Self1®began 17 years ago when, after many years in private practice, an urge was building within in me to learn more about how the messages girls receive in childhood about whom they should become interface later with their sense of self in adulthood. I wanted a first […]

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein looks at the Enchanted Self’s Third Gateway to Happiness in Reference to girls growing up.

The Enchanted Self’s Third Gateway to Happiness is all about learning to meet our needs, and how to negotiate for ourselves. Often kids certainly know what their needs are better than adults, because everything is less disguised, fresher and closer to the surface. But they very often don’t know how to negotiate for themselves or […]


This is a critical component to general well being and a sense of happiness on a daily basis. Most of us have sustained loss and experienced pain. Yes, we’ve been hurt. We’ve been short-changed by opportunities or other people. Sometimes we’ve been stepped upon, left or forgotten. If we spend our daily life focusing on […]