I am always so excited when I find a true kindred spirit. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling? Daina is one of mine. You will see why when you read her inspiring five easy steps below for living an enchanted life. Isn’t that what we all want? Isn’t that what my work is all about? Let’s shout out “Yes” to both questions. And now, get ready for some wonderful mental stimulation that is sure to put you ahead on the Enchanted Road to Happiness!

~Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein


An enchanted life is created and begins from within us. We reawaken our enchantment through knowing what the heart and authentic soul of our desires is. By the time women hit midlife, many of us have focused so much of our energy on doing for others that we lost touch with what is meaningful, important, special, magnificent, intimate, and magical to us…. and most important, WHY it is so.

Getting connected to our enchanted child guides us to the heart and soul of our desires. When we have that piece of knowledge, that spark, we have the enchanted core of our desires. The universal law of attraction then can begin to work and will attract more of that into you life.

STEP 1) What activities did you really enjoy in childhood? Just let your mind recall times when you felt enchanted. When you forgot what time it was, when you were creating something, felt involved, juiced, excited. Make a list of as many as you can remember. They can be very, very simple snippets in time like the example of swinging.

STEP 2) Go there in your imagination and re-experience the enchantment that swinging had for you.

STEP 3) Ask yourself; What feeling did it give me when I was swinging? What about it tickled you? We Pokies want to get to the “feeling place” underneath the activity. That’s where the magic is.

* Using the example of swinging, it may have given you a feeling of incredible freedom.

STEP 4) Let’s just say it was the feeling of freedom. What does freedom mean to you? What qualities does freedom have for you? Where do you experience this feeling in your body? Breathe into it and ask it for more information. Let your authentic feeling of freedom speak to you and give you more information.

* The feeling of freedom that swinging gave you may have associations of being unrestricted and unobstructed.

STEP 5) What else conjures up that feeling within you? What do you associate with that feeling of freedom? Is there any place in your adult life that you get that feeling? What are you doing? What is giving you that feeling? Where in your adult life do you want and need more of that? What is the next logical step for someone in your position now that you have discovered more about your authentic soul’s voice?

* You may be a person who needs to feel in charge of your own time, money, projects, decisions, and energy at work so you may need to be your own boss. Working by someone else’s time clock and directives may make you feel that constricted feeling and you may not even know where it is coming from. Unfortunately many of us think there is something wrong with us and try to “deal” with our discomfort.


Daina (Dinah) Puodziunas has been helping women nurture their feminine spirit and re~enchant their soul since 1988. ~ Awaken your inner Midlife Fairy Godmother ~ the new archetype for women who are feeling stuck, lost, or selfish focusing on themselves in midlife. ~ Women’s Wisdom Retreats and Solitude In Nature Retreats held at her home on Enchanted Lake.

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