How to find out more about THE ENCHANTED SELF

Lots of readers ask me how to really start to find their Enchanted Self. What is the best way? One ideal path is to read Recipes for Enchantment, The Secret Ingredient is YOU! and also listen to the cassette of CD version of THE ENCHANTED SELF, A Positive Therapy.  These two together really get you […]

Hi Everyone from Dr. Holstein

I am hoping so much to hear from many of you.  We have so many positive moments and if we just learn to practice honoring them by ackowledging them and sharing them we will feel so much better!  Let’s share some!  One for me is just looking at the shadows from the tree against my […]

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

Dear Folks,  I have met a wonderful woman-her name is Jill Lawrence and she is so full of positive energy.  Her business is named Ruby Slippers and it just confirms that she truly believes the power rests within ourselves.  Sometimes we forget and lots of people want us to forget.  But the wizard is a […]