Hi Everyone from Dr. Holstein

I am hoping so much to hear from many of you.  We have so many positive moments and if we just learn to practice honoring them by ackowledging them and sharing them we will feel so much better!  Let’s share some!  One for me is just looking at the shadows from the tree against my house right now.  So uplifting!  What is yours, right now? Dr. Barbara

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  1. I went to my high school reunion last night. It was so wonderful remembering those days long gone when I was a teenager. A strange, yet marvelous moment, was meeting up with a classmate of mine who now lives in my childhood home as an adult! He loves the house and told me he likes the basement best. I loved the basement also, with its large windows and what seemed like endless space. I would put myself to sleep imagining how I would fix it up someday! I slept many a night since then and we never fixed it up. But it makes me happy that he is so happy there! Memory and the present intertwined in a lovely night! Have you had a night with old friends? Tell us about it.

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