A Negative Recipe for Happiness

Negative Recipes for Happiness can be very destructive.  Some of the worst are giving our girls, tweens and teens a Negative Recipe that goes something like this: Buy all the popular magazines about celebrities and pour over them.  Start to think about your body, your face, your hair and nails all the time. Try to […]

Seven Gateways to Happiness

I’d like to invite all of you to go to www.thehappinessshow.com  and look at episode 110.  In that episode I talk about THE SEVEN GATEWAYS TO HAPPINESS.   I discuss all of the Gateways and give case examples, as well as suggestions for you to get started on your Gateway Success Journey!  Let me know what […]

The movie, Miss Potter, Live Your Dream

Beatrice Potter is a wonderful icon for women.  Tonight I saw Miss Potter, the movie.  The movie is about her life as a woman, and a writer of children’s books.  Of particular note is the fact that Miss Potter was discouraged by her mother as well as society at large from pursuing her dream of […]


Today I’m celebrating THE ENCHANTED SELF world of potential and reality.  When I first wrote THE ENCHANTED SELF, A Positive Therapy, I never dreamed I would be writing more and more books.  I never thought that my articles would be on hundreds of websites and that people could even learn my Gateways To Happiness by […]

“The Secret”book- Many Recipes For Happiness

Here’s a quote from the sensational new book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.  She states on page 118, "Many people have sacrificed themselves for others, thinking when they sacrifice themselves that are being a good person.  Wrong! To sacrifice yourself cn only come from thoughts of absolute lack, because it is saying, ‘There is not […]

Looking for Small Miracles

One of the ways to be blessed with Happiness is to find the small miracles that surround us on a daily basis.  Some of these miracles we just take for granted, like life itself.  But we can practice becoming more consciously aware of the events that are part of our lives that certainly have a […]

Positive Feedback, We all need it!

I received an e-mail recently thanking me for my daily Blessings.  The woman wrote they made such a difference in her life, and actually helped her to start her day.  I was thrilled to get this feedback, yet like most people who attempt to do good in the world, I was a little surprised.  Although […]

Recipe for Happiness and Self-Esteem

Today driving by a public school I saw a sign on the bulletin board that said approximately the following:  Children are our treasures in our art gallery.  I thought this was a lovely saying.  And indeed when adults do treasure their children self-esteem has a chance to really develop and flourish.  What is more exquisite […]