Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, Positive Psychologist Talks About What Makes a Happy Woman

A happy women is content in her life.  She feels much peace of mind and also a healthy level of enthusiasm as she goes through her day.  Of course, she can become upset or angry, just like anyone else.  But her happy nature works to her benefit and soon enough she will find a way to return to a pleasant state of being that we call ‘happy’ for lack of a more perfect word.

How is this so?  Is she from a different planet than the rest of us women?  Certainly not.  She simply has learned and practiced many behaviors that help regenerate a state of happiness again and again.  These behaviors that are practiced may include such common everyday things as eating healthfully and getting enough sleep.  Also included are good habits around exercise and health care.  Mentally she has developed good social habits that make her fun and delightful to be with.  This in turn means that she has lots of friends and doesn’t feel isolated.   Other behaviors carefully thought out and practiced led to her relating to her husband and children in a productive, loving way.  In return, they give her the warmth and love that increase her happiness.

Of course a woman may come up against very difficult situations and her happiness will be tested.  A bad marriage or an ill family member, for example, may lead to situations that certainly don’t feel ‘happy’.  But her capacity to make the most out of life, not by luck, but by utilizing good decision making practices and other forms of resourcefulness, will led her back on to a path of happiness.   Yes, she may complain a bit during hard times, but not as much as a woman who is not practicing these skill sets.  She simply won’t have the time to do too much complaining, even during the down periods of life.

I can go on and on.  But I think I have made my point.  A happy woman has worked hard to get to her happiness and works hard to maintain it.  It is well worth the effort.  So the lesson here is to work hard at upgrading all of our skills that increase happiness in daily living, both for the good days and the hard days.  Thus we can hopefully each say, “The harder I work at practicing happiness behaviors the less complaining I do.”

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