Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, Positive Psychologist, Looks at What Makes Women Magical and Happy as Honor Their True Passions

As women we have to honor our true passions.  If we don’t we are unhappy, even depressed.  I’ve talked about this concept for years.   In The Enchanted Self, A Positive Therapy, I discuss many reasons why we need to be true to ourselves.  I also explain why we can not wait for anyone else to do this job for us.  We MUST take care of ourselves.  As it has been said, your best friend and your most devoted partner came into your life on the day you were born.  And that person was not your mom.  It was yourself.

I’m always looking for women who are living out their dreams.  They are wonderful, magical women who fill us with hope and encouragement.  They feel magical because they have taken the best of themselves from various stages of their lives and integrated these special parts of themselves into a new whole that is even better.  For example, the woman I met in Wales, who took her love of fairytales as a child and her business sense as a woman and opened a store selling princess outfits and magic wands to little girls, took the best of herself from childhood and adulthood.

Are you one of those special women who has taken something special about yourself from the past and brought it to life in a new way now, as an adult?  I bet you have.  Write back and let me know and give us all the details!

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