Don’t end up miserable on Valentine’s Day

Fantasy is a normal healthy part of staying alive, but we need to utilize it to our advantage, not disadvantage. Let’s look at how Natalie is using fantasy in my new romance book. It isn’t all to her advantage! Natalie, the central character in Next Year in Jerusalem! has been struggling with romantic and exaggerated […]

Boredom, NO, Stimulation and Friendship, YES!

Do you know that there is a part of each of ourselves that needs adventure and daring. Boredom is not a healthy state.  We all need change and variety.  The question is how can we get changes in our lives without disrupting our personal apple cart or taking unnecessary risks?  Sometimes we are hampered by […]

The Superhereos and Secret Genuises Within Us All.

There are times in life that we doubt our abilities. We doubt who we are and what we can accomplish. We are Superheroes! All of us are secret geniuses. It is a matter of unlocking the vault of knowledge and our own personal powers. Barbara relates and speaks about this in her personal interview on […]

Recipe for Enchantment #20

Living a Life of Enchantment is Very Simple. You need to stir together and develop seven capacities that we all have: 1. You need to know yourself. 2. You need also to like yourself. 3. You need to meet your needs. 4. You need to build pleasure and replenishment into your life. 5. You need […]

Today I am sharing with you part of a paper I wrote on The Enchanted Self, entitled: Origins of a Positive Psychology for Women: Full Circle A Therapists Recognition of The Enchanted Self in Her Clients as Well as Herself

My search for what I call The Enchanted Self1®began 17 years ago when, after many years in private practice, an urge was building within in me to learn more about how the messages girls receive in childhood about whom they should become interface later with their sense of self in adulthood. I wanted a first […]


I believe that retrieving positive memories is important to our health and well being. This is one of the dominant themes of my professional teaching. I have come to believe that without a sense that life is pleasant and at times pleasurable, joyful, even rapturous and ecstatic, we are vulnerable to depression, chronic anxiety and […]