More About THE ENCHANTED SELF, A Positive Therapy by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

This book, utilizing case studies, personal insights from my own life, reader exercises and even poetry, allows the reader to explore positive aspects of herself. If she is a therapist, she also learns how to make long overdue corrections in the treatment room. Many readers, therapists, and lay people, wrote to me thanking me for the positive paradigm shift I had so clearly outlined in the book. One psychiatrist from Sweden wrote to me that she had waited for years for someone to finally have the courage to make this long overdue correction in therapeutic model. Many ordinary people who had therapy wrote to me, saying that they wished they could have been exposed to the treatment model I wrote about, when they were seeking psychotherapy.

The book helps us understand our past in positive and useful ways, while not becoming discouraged by certain aspects of the past and learning how to reinvent ourselves in the present in ways that bring us pleasure, unique to each of us, while attending to our needs, be them personal, educational, or professional

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