I believe that retrieving positive memories is important to our health and well being. This is one of the dominant themes of my professional teaching. I have come to believe that without a sense that life is pleasant and at times pleasurable, joyful, even rapturous and ecstatic, we are vulnerable to depression, chronic anxiety and seeing ourselves in a poor light.
I have seen my clients and myself find positive information in our own life story and perk up no matter what the circumstances. For me perhaps this was never more strongly pointed out than writing RECIPES FOR ENCHANTMENT, The Secret Ingredient is YOU! So many times when I was writing the book I remembered and felt the positive lessons that my dad had taught me. I felt his love for me coming through. For example when I remember his story about how he had not picked up a returnable glass bottle when he was a boy, as his friend told him “it ain’t worth nothin’,” I am flooded with good feelings about my dad.
My dad really made an effort to help people to make good judgment decisions. For example, in his story, “That ain’t Worth nothin’,” he looses a bottle in the gutter because a friend convinces him it is not worth anything. However, the friend then picks it up and turns it in for a “shiny” penny! He loved to tell his lost bottle story because it pointed out occasions that we all face.

So often people try to convince us Live Sex that something is not good for us. Why? Perhaps because they want it instead or they really believe it isn’t good for us, or they simply, for some reason, are blocking us. That’s where our personal judgment skill comes in to play.Many times during my life, people have tried to convince me to drop something. For certain there have been people trying to convince me to drop THE ENCHANTED SELF project, as it has been an expensive passion.

Can you imagine?  If I had dropped the project I wouldn’t have continued to think about how to help women stay in touch with the best of themselves.  And if I had stopped thinking so much about how to help women recapture their zest for living I wouldn’t have started to think more about girls and how important it is for girls to hold on to the best of themselves.  And if I hadn’t focused a lot of how I could get out the message to girls about growing up emotionally strong, I never would have written and published The Truth (I’m a girl, I’m smart and I know everything). And if I never wrote that book I wouldn’t have gotten the idea for the second book in The Truth Series: SECRETS, (You tell me yours, maybe I’ll tell you mine), which will be available in February.  And if none of the above had happened….well it wouldn’t be the same for me or lots of people that my books and theories have touched.  And that’s THE TRUTH!

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