Romantic Lockets are the Hot Spring Accessory!

I was reading in Woman’s World for 4/17/07 how Romantic lockets are the hot spring accessory.  "They’re so trendy worn with everything from a T-shirt to a flirty dress to an evening gown…."  The article also mentions how you can keep loved ones close to your heart with lockets that open for pictures.

This is such fun for me as an author as my new book,THE TRUTH, I’m Ten, I’m Smart and I Know Everything! has a locket as a very important part of the story.  Find out more about The Truth on In fact one of the secrets of the girl’s growing up is contained in her locket!  Hey, I can’t give the secret away!   But you will truly want a locket after reading the book.  I guarantee it. 

My artist, Cindy Trope is designing some great faux lockets to buy with the book.  I’ll be back telling you more! 

Would you like to read an excerpt from my book?  Here are some:

All my best,  Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein,
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