My mother, Bernice Becker,  once wrote a story entitled, I Did-and You Can Too.

She talks about how "In truth I was somewhat like the heroine of a soap opera."  She shares how to went from being a bored housewife to getting a master’s degree in education.  It all started by taking one art course at the college where my father was the Dean of Administration.  And as she says in the story, "Nothing Succeeds like success." 

In terms of THE ENCHANTED SELF, A Positive Therapy, one of the most important things my mom did was to start to view her life as an important story and within that story to view herself as the key player.   By seeing herself as a heroine like in a soap opera she could really appreciate at an organic level all the steps she took to get outside of the box she had felt she was in as a bored housewife.  She could give passion and relevance to her life story.  We need to do that to invest the energy it will take to make a life fully happen!

I talk about this capacity and how important it is in THE SEVEN GATEWAYS TO HAPPINESS.  Don’t forget to get your copy of this paper by writing to me at

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, 

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