Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein and Mary Ellen the Angel Scribe on TV 24/7

Mary Ellen on TV
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It was an honor, to have Mary Ellen, as my guest on Manhattan Neighborhood television, THE ENCHANTED SELF
Mary Ellen, is an inspiring woman, with a profound message about love, hope and miracles. 
I’m so excited that the show is now up 24/7 on the internet.  I hope you will watch it and share your reactions.  Below you will find one of Mary Ellen’s readers reactions to seeing her ‘live.’  I would love to have some of my readers and followers comment!
My work, as a Positive Psychologist, is comfortably at home with what Mary Ellen teaches.

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

Note from ME ^I^
When you see my eyes, going from side to side, like a wall clock cat’s eyes, it is because it was not clear which cameras were on.  I was searching for that little tiny red light!
Miracle TV Show

Readers Reaction
to the TV Show
Mary Ellen,
I’m happy to be a long time reader, enjoying your newsletters and photos, over here in Europe! 
My American friend, Medora, introduced me to your work five years ago. She has since passed, and I continue to read the newsletters.
I am speechless. I enjoyed your TV video so much! I felt lifted up to another, a higher vibration.
I love your face, the way you talk, and your long hair.
I was moved by the story of your cat, Camalot, and can imagine how you felt when he was lost, and the moment you found him…amazing!
with love,
Marlene, in The Netherlands
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