You Hear The Sound of Water….

"You hear the sound of water and you know where you want to be." Rumi

Yes, the above is a simple Recipe for Enchantment.  We are all able to be triggered into pleasant memories that then can send us on to a joyful mini-vactation of the mind, if we let the memories do their job.  So often it is a memory triggered by our sense of smell, or hearing rather than a visual cue.  Yes, the sound of water does bring me on a vacation of the mind.  Particularly the sound of ocean waves.  Immediately I feel relaxed and happy.  If I take the time I can indulge in a full visualization.  I can design a beach house along an ocean front and enjoy seeing myself sitting outside on the second floor veranda.  Oh, this is so sweet!

How can you resist?  Why don’t you join me on the veranda?  Or perhaps you prefer your own Recipe for Enchantment?  Let a sound or aroma come into your senses and then run and get your free airline ticket to a few minutes of paradise!

All my best,  Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, Positive Psychologist,

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