A Blessing to Help Ease Us Into Autumn

As the leaves begin to fall may your spirits lift,
As the weather cools may your true passions thrive,
As winter comes closer may you know true warmth,
As the sun hides, may your inner clouds dissolve
And may you always remember that behind all
Is a Song just waiting to be Sung!
Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, www.enchantedself.com

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  1. Your Autumn Blessing is so lovely! Thank you for your tireless efforts to help women everywhere find authentic, lasting happiness.

    I’d love to hear what ‘happiness activities’ your listeners and readers have planned this colorful, magical season!

  2. Dear Martha, Thanks for the good words. Let’s think about Happiness Activities for the autumn. That is a great topic. For one thing, we need to be good to ourselves. That means permitting ourselves to build in something into our daily and/or weekly time schedules that is special to us. It may mean finally making a lunch date with a friend you have thought about but been out of touch with. It might just mean going out to lunch by yourself, but to a special restaurant you have been longing to try. It might mean finally getting tickets for a special play or concert coming to your area this fall. It might mean signing up for Ballroom dancing lessons even though you have no dancing partner! (As a matter of fact, my husband hates to dance and a friend and I decided we will take ballroom dancing and be each other’s partners or just go by ourselves when the other is not avaiable and just dance!

    What can you think of?

    All my best, Dr. Holstein

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