Sing unto Him a new song. Play Skillfully with a loud noise. Psalms 33:3

A few years ago I was walking through Penn Station in New York City.  There was a man sitting playing a Musical Saw.  At first I thought I was seeing things.  But I wasn’t.  He really made lovely music with a saw.  And he was such a personable, elegant man.  We chatted and he told me that he performs with his saw at parties and churches and of course, here in the wild wilderness of Penn Station as the multitude go on their way.

I never forgot him.  The quote was on top of his card.  His name is Moses E. Josiah and his music really did fill the station and make my day-a loud noise in the best sense of the word.

May you also be sing a song in your life that is new and skillfully played and the heavens enjoy as a loud but beautiful noise!

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

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  1. I often see a lady playing the musical saw at the Times Square subway station! She’s been there for at least a decade. Her permit banner advertises her blog: where she writes about what happens when she plays in the subway.
    The ‘Saw Lady’ is amazing – she always seems so happy, and that makes people smile.

  2. Dear Folks, I didn’t realize there was a saw lady at the Times Square subway in NYC. However, I did go to her website, at and the music is beautiful. Also the comments people have written to her suggest that she is one of Manhattan’s earth angels, adding magic and beauty to the daily life of so many people. I am so impressed. Let us all remember that whatever SAW we play, if done with compassion, passion and love can bring amazing goodness to the world!

    Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

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