A New Entry From ‘The Girl’ who wrote THE TRUTH, I’m Ten, I’m Smart and I Know Everything

I’m already working on more stories about ‘The Girl’.  In fact, I’m hoping for a book about her to be published in China.  That book will contain lots of entries that have been hidden up to now.  Here is one:

  "  We got our report cards yesterday.  I got 2 C’s, 5 B’s and 4 A’s.  My parents were pleased.   They know how hard school really is.  I’m lucky to have parents that understand.  Today in school Angela told me she can’t talk on the phone for three months.  That’s her punishment for not getting better marks.  She got 4 C’s, 6 B’s and only 1 A.  I don’t think that is such a bad report card!

I hate her parents for making her feel so bad about herself and her marks and I hate them because I can’t talk to her every night.  She is my best friend.  I need to talk to her at night!  This is terrible and that’s the truth."———————————————————

This excerpt from a future edition of SmarTHE TRUTH, I’m Ten, I’m Smart and I Know Everything,is designed to elicit conversation about our marking system and also how parent’s handle and interpret children’s report cards.  What do you think?  Are you more like the girl’s parents or more like Angela’s? 

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