Did You Hear What The Zen Master Said? Charlie Wilson’s War

I just saw the movie, Charlie Wilson’s War.  I was impressed with the Zen story told in the movie.  Went something like this: There was this Zen Master in a small town.  A boy received a horse as a birthday present when he was little and everyone said that was wonderful.  The Zen Master said, "Maybe. Just wait."  Then the boy fell off the horse and hurt his leg and everyone said that was bad.  The Zen Master said, "Maybe. Just wait."  Then there was a war and the boy didn’t have to go off and fight because his leg was too bad and everyone said that was great.  The Zen Master said, "Maybe…" 

This is a wonderful story as it emphasizes what we tend to forget.  We often can’t see the whole picture about anything that is happening to ourselves or loved ones.  Also we have trouble judging the consequences of our actions.  Sometimes we think we accomplish nothing when we have actually saved someone’s life.  For example, I may have called someone to say hi and never realized how down that person was until I called.  Also we don’t know what other events will happen in the future making something uncomfortable in the present really a miracle later on.  in my book, Recipes for Enchantment, The Secret Ingredient is YOU! I tell the story of a young boy who placated his Rabbi by walking in the woods with him and listening to his nature talks about all the plants.  Then during the second world war the boy, now a young man, hide in the woods for two years.  Without all the knowledge of plants and trees, etc. he would have died.  See, you just never know.  So the Zen Master is basically right, "Maybe,  Just wait."

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
Positive Psychologist

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