Wisdom Secrets to Happiness Brought to you by The Enchanted Self

If we can find the wisdom secrets to happiness, and we can also learn how to integrate them into our lives, how to practice them, find the recipes that go with them and stir that wonderful pot, we can end up much happier.


                     We do know as women that happiness is sometimes something we’re chasing like a donkey with a carrot in front of him on a stick.  We often feel that we don’t catch up with happiness.  We’re exhausted, we’re drained, we’re trying to please others.


                     So, happiness sometimes eludes us.  It’s like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Sometimes we feel as if we never get to the pot.  And that, to me, as a Positive Psychologist, is a very despairing part of being a woman.  Because we are entitled to live a positive life, a life of happiness, meaning and purpose where we are able to recapture the best essence of ourselves, our talents and potential, learn how to weave our capacities  in a magical way into new fabric, new yarn and new stories for our lives every day.


                     That’s why I call my positive psychology The Enchanted Self ®.   Because there always is some magic in pulling together the best of ourselves, integrating it with the world as the world presents itself to us, and moving forward and experiencing that wonderful feeling, that sense of well-being that can only come when we’re in stride with ourselves and we’re feeling contented, feeling happy about what we’re doing.


            What do you think some of the wisdom secrets for women are?  I’ll share more next time, but I really want your ideas on the subject also.  Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein    (Some of this was taken from a podcast on Happiness for Women Only.  All are archived on www.internetvoicesradio.com at my page which houses Happiness for Women Only and Kids, Tweens and Teens, A Positive Psychologist Looks at All Three. 

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