The Psychotherapy Treatment Room Needed to Be Revamped and Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, Positive Psychologist, Took On The Challenge!

This short video gives you background on the type of research with women I did that led to the discovery of The Enchanted Self(R). I did case study research on women ages early 30’s to 80’s and discovered that although they all had absorbed some negative messages in childhood, all of them had enhanced senses of well-being, at least some of the time. The problem was that they often ignored what gave them happiness or even dismissed these events as not relevant.

It became apparent to me that we tend to devalue ourselves quickly and can easily believe that much is wrong with ourselves. Realizing that the disease model in the treatment room may enhance this tendency to focus on what went wrong, rather than what went right in our lives, I realized that the disease model had to be modified. This led to my first book The Enchanted Self, A Positive Therapy, where I clearly outline for the therapist and the client how to change the focus in the treatment room away from disease or disorders to recognize and applaud our talents, strengths, coping skills and potential. Even forgotten potential can be rebirthed and we can successfully change out present and the blueprint for our future.

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