A Mental Playdate

Time for a little homework readers! Sometimes we are so busy thinking about working our bodies out or play dates with the kids we forget one of the most important aspects of ourselves. Our mental state. Some times you just need to take a break and have a mental play date. Stimulate your senses with this mind blowing mental workout that can help reveal your inner potential.

daydream_crop380wRelax and let your mind drift backward in time. Give yourself permission to drift back to a younger age. Let your intuition be your guide in choosing an age. Once you have chosen, imagine yourself in a room in a childhood home. See the furniture, the colors of the room. Can you smell anything, any aromas of food cooking or other odors? Can you hear any noises or people talking? Is there a television on? What show might be on? Can you look out the window from where you’re sitting? What do you see?

Take a couple of minutes to re-experience this childhood scene.

On a piece of paper, jot down all the positive thoughts and feelings you associate with this reflection. Then make a list of all the talents and positive capacities you had as a child at that age, whether they were recognized by anyone else in the world or just secretly and intuitively recognized by you.

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