Some Thoughts for Having Mental and Emotional Fun!

My dear friend and mentor, Mr. Del Sylvester used to say that if you become interested in anything, it will become interesting. I knew Mr Sylvester when I was a teenager. I don’t think I fully understood this concept then. Now I do. I see that if we bother to get interested in an activity or in somebody, most of the time, that activity or person becomes more and more interesting to us. For example, if I start to knit I may get a kick out of the first line of stitches. But if I hang in and I’m wearing a beautiful sweater that I knitted, I sure to get even more pleasure from this new hobby. Likewise, if you adopt a pet, you are often amazed at how special Online Pokies he is as you get to play with him. Suddenly you are in love!

Here is a way to get your mind stimulated. What are three activities you would like to get interested in? In fact, to make it even more interesting, what are three things or activities you would like to do for a week? Here are three I would enjoy:

1. Studying about unsolved mysteries of the world and universe with great thinkers and scientists.

2. Learning about gourmet foods, and beverages of the world with top culinary experts, with hands on cooking events.

3. Working with a prop professional on a movie set and learning how to find accurate props to recreate the 1940′s.

Now what would you like to spend a week getting interested in?

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