Would You Invite Ants to Your Picnic?

Would you? I’m sure you would prefer not to! So my question to you is why would you invite into your life people that are unpleasant and/or not in your best interest?   Sometimes it happens because someone intimidates us. Sometimes we think someone is a wonderful addition to our lives and then as time […]

The Pleasures of Making Grandma’s Memories My Own

Each season requires special behaviors and activities on our part to optimize for ourselves living a purposeful and happy life. We actually have to practice our positive emotions, just as the champion tennis player practices her swing. We have to try to use our mental capacities as fully as possible, our cognitive capacities for thought, […]

Monday Happiness for Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

This is my cool mirror. It’s a favorite quote of mine, that I found in the ‘bloom’ book (compendium)- “may you be truly blessed to always glitter with a radiance that shines from deep within you. Barbara Becker Holstein”. I got this mirror at Ikea, and Emily has a friend that has a vinyl cutting […]