Wow, Goats in Los Angeles-This is Enchantment

Last night I saw on TV that a 100 goats are busily eating brush and grass in Los Angeles.  They are not adding any smog to the air and they cost much less than all the lawn mowing equipment that would be necessary to do the job.  And they are friendly and happy!  I love this story.  It brings back fond memories of the one and only time I went to a farm when I was a kid.  Karen’s mother’s family had a farm and one beautiful sunny summer day, Karen’s mom took us to the farm.  We got to see all the animals, including the barn cats which were probably my favorite Pokies.  I loved the peaceful way I felt that day.  See the goats on the hillside in crowded Los Angeles gave me also a happy feeling.  I felt good that people are trying to go ‘green’  even in such a busy, dense city.  I felt happy that the people could be cheered up by looking at and talking to the goats.  And I felt a rich feeling around my heart that happens to me when ‘good’ is going on, rather than ‘bad.’  Do you know that sensation around your heart?  It is part of living a life of meaning and experiencing happiness.   Thanks to whomever brought the goats to Los Angeles.  And long live the goats !

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