Monday Happiness for Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

This is my cool mirror. It’s a favorite quote of mine, that I found in the ‘bloom’ book (compendium)- “may you be truly blessed to always glitter with a radiance that shines from deep within you. Barbara Becker Holstein”. I got this mirror at Ikea, and Emily has a friend that has a vinyl cutting business, and they did this for me. those of you from my year-long BPS class will recognize this! I LOVE it.  from Heidi’s blog

I was shocked to come upon this wondeful blog where Heidi had chosen one of my quotes as a favorite of hers and even had it put on her mirror for her.  It is one thing to send out blessings every week.  It is another thing to see where they land.  Often times I never know.  Did my blessing land on a person or in a garbage heap?  Did it do any good?  Did it create a positive vibration that gave someone an uplifting moment?  Well today I know that my blessing has landed!  It is in Heidi’s home on a mirror and it is on her blog so others can read it and hopefully feel their own radiance from deep within and let it shine! 

Yes, it is Monday and this is true happiness! 

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