Womenpower-radio.com, Raven Blair Davis and Positive Psychology for Women

When Raven invited me to be a guest on www.womenpower-radio.com,  I never dreamed how much we would have in common.  Yes, we were both over 40, and both passionate about helping women come into their onw at any age, but getting to know her as we recorded the show which will hopefully air in June, taught we so much more about Raven, myself and the Positive Psychology for Women work I have been doing for 20 years.  Here’s what I mean:  I developed a way of treating and understanding ourselves as women that I call The Enchanted Self.(R)   In this system it is critical to get back to your own passions, interests, talents and even lost potential, usually from childhood. 

In other words, we need to rebirth and follow our dreams.  For example, if I loved food as a child, not only to eat it, but to prepare it and read all I could get hold of, about its nutitional value and how to make it look appealing, I may have lurking inside of me a nutritionist, a chef, another Martha Stewart or simply a person who loves to try new restaurants.  Finding out which I am is part of the maturing process.  And not losing the energy and passion around my childhood interest is my obligation.  Because if I loose the fire in my belly, I may suffer the end product, which for women is often a type of withdrawal that can even lead to feelings of drepression and discouragement.  In other words, we always need to refuel and rediscover ourselves and that process always involves a deep understanding of our unique characteristics and strengths. 

As Raven and I discussed much of the above she told me one of her early childhood dreams that she thought she had to give up.  She loved radio and always wanted to have her own radio station.  (Listen to her whole story, including her adventures as a child, when the interview is posted).  However, the obtaining of a license was just to much for a young woman and she moved on to many other things.  The spark of her dream was still there, though. What happened?  How did she get on the radio!  How did that happen?  It happened in part because the world changed and a new window opened in the universe-the window of the internet radio.  Now she didn’t need a license.  But if Raven hadn’t some how held on to her own dreams she would have walked right by that window and never seen that it was open!

Raven is a perfect example of The Enchanted Self in action.  She re-invented a childhood dream to fit the realities of the present and the potential of the future. 

I was so excited that we got to this actual example in the show.  There is more also that makes her an Enchanted Woman.  Stay tuned for my next remarks about being her guest on www.womenpower-radio.com   Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, www.enchantedself.com

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