Happiness Can Be Mysterious in Small Wondrous Ways


We are all composites of so many wonderful facets of potential. We have so many untapped capacities for humor, for pleasure, for doing good in the world, for making a difference, for recreating ourselves again and again.

One brief vignette comes back to me. A few years ago I was talking to a psychologist, Dr. Nancy Bacher, at a conference about THE ENCHANTED SELF, explaining my work, as a positive psychologist, focusing on women and girls, to her. She responded to me by sharing this little story which is now in my own words, but I believe captures what she wished to share.

Dr. Nancy was flying home from Colorado. Once on the plane she found herself without a book and nothing to do. Instead she put on the headphones provided and sat back to try to relax to the classical music. 

Suddenly she had a vision of a young girl dancing. It was wonderful. She was feeling filled with happiness and eagerness as she imagined the young girl, so graceful and light on her feet. Then the music ended. As she listened to the name of the piece, still in a blissfully relaxed state, she realized that she had danced to this music when she was in a dance recital at the ages of four or five. Until this moment on the plane she had totally lost the memory.

So this wasn’t just any girl. This was herself, as a youngster, full of delight. Dr. Nancy told me that she not only enjoyed the experience of the memory, but realized that she wanted to be in touch with more of these positive feelings.

That’s what THE ENCHANTED SELF is all about. 

Next time something mysteriously appeals to you, take the time to reflect.  It may be a whisper deep inside from your very own past!  Savor and enjoy it and see if you want to re-birth it.

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, www.enchantedself.com

Posted in Positive Psychology for Women.