The Girl in The Truth (I’m a girl, I’m smart and I know everything) shares her secret entry about Valentine’s Day!

February 14
Today was Valentine’s Day. I was so worried. Valentine’s Day is almost the worst day of the year for me. That’s because the day can be terrible. There is nothing worse in the world than not getting enough Valentine’s in class. And being in love makes it even worse. All I could think about last night lying in bed was what if Paul doesn’t give me a Valentine? How could I stand it?

I was worried all the way to school. I worked all last night on my Valentine’s. I made one for each kid in the class. I made Paul’s just a tiny bit bigger than the other’s. Only I would know that I had made his special. So it was my secret.

Miss Shannon had really fixed up our classroom so pretty. There were hearts pinned up all over the room and she had even put up streamers. I think she must really like Valentine’s Day. We still had to do all of our schoolwork. Then at 2:00 the class mother dropped off the cupcakes and ice creams and candy. Then we started our Valentine’s Day party. There was a giant box up on the front table with a slot in the top. That’s where we put all of our Valentine’s to be delivered.

Angela, Fred and Stacey got to empty the box and deliver the Valentine’s while we all ate our cupcakes and ice creams. I was getting a lot of Valentine’s. I kept looking at Paul. He didn’t look back. He was eating. What was he thinking?

Everyone was laughing and having a good time. Even Miss Shannon was smiling as she opened all the Valentine’s that we gave her. I started to open mine. Nothing from Paul. Nothing. Nothing.

I was feeling a little sick. My heart was pounding. This was the last envelope. It was from Paul! My life was saved. Guess what it said?

“Will you be my Valentine?”

Oh, yes, Paul! I will be your Valentine! The day was perfect.

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