The Superhereos and Secret Genuises Within Us All.

There are times in life that we doubt our abilities. We doubt who we are and what we can accomplish. We are Superheroes! All of us are secret geniuses. It is a matter of unlocking the vault of knowledge and our own personal powers. Barbara relates and speaks about this in her personal interview on […]

An Enchanted Self Moment in the New York Subways!

I notice the three men on the platform as I wait for an uptown subway. They dressed in a combination of elegance and thrift store. One of them has a pretty expensive leather jacket on. Was it warm enough for 30 degrees out? Also, his dressy shoes in leather were elegant but looked many years […]

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein looks at the Enchanted Self’s Third Gateway to Happiness in Reference to girls growing up.

The Enchanted Self’s Third Gateway to Happiness is all about learning to meet our needs, and how to negotiate for ourselves. Often kids certainly know what their needs are better than adults, because everything is less disguised, fresher and closer to the surface. But they very often don’t know how to negotiate for themselves or […]