An Enchanted Self Moment in the New York Subways!

I notice the three men on the platform as I wait for an uptown subway. They dressed in a combination of elegance and thrift store. One of them has a pretty expensive leather jacket on. Was it warm enough for 30 degrees out? Also, his dressy shoes in leather were elegant but looked many years outdated. Boots might have served him better. Another had on sneakers that almost looked clownish. They were simply too big. The men are good looking, but worn and I guess between 40 and 55. Of course I ease drop as we wait. What else do I have to do? I am a bit tired of reading about the universe and our souls connecting. That is the message, I think, from the Deepak Chopra book in my bag. Or is it more about us all being atoms in motion although we look like solid matter? Or about how each soul matters in the evolution of the universe? Of is it both and also that we have the capacity to merge into….? What was it? Others? The futrure? Song?

Enough of that deep stuff. The subway train arrives and we all get on. That includes the three men. I forget about them and start to drag out the book again. Maybe I can ‘fathom’ another page.

Suddenly I become aware of singing. Is this the universe in Song? No it is the three men, who have suddenly become a Barbershop Quartet! They are good. I am amazed and pleased. So that is their deal. They get on and off subway cars, singing and collecting change! Oh,oh, the guy with the dressy shoes is coming up to me. I fumble in my bag and find some change. He is pleased as I put it into his hat. He sings to me: “Give me a kiss and we can start anew.” I don’t recognize the song but I love the words. I blush a girlish blush even though I am far from girlhood. He nods to me courteously and moves on. The moment passes. But I am still ‘in’ the moment.

Inside I am smiling and feel warm and cozy and connected to these men, to the strangers in the subway car and to myself! The smile on my lips and inside of me persists. It is lovely. Yes, the universe is suddenly in Song and I am the Star! What a lovely sensation.


My Message to YOU!

Look for your Starring Moments and savor them!

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

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