Check out Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein quoted in a major national article on Happiness, On The Edge: The Happiness Craze

On The Edge: The Happiness Craze August 20, 2008 by Linda Formichelli A new wave of books about a timeless topic hope to help you—and their eclectic authors—live a better life. Happiness isn’t a new concept—Aristotle wrote about the topic more than 2,300 years ago and Thomas Jefferson included the “pursuit of happiness” as an […]

Monday Happiness for Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

This is my cool mirror. It’s a favorite quote of mine, that I found in the ‘bloom’ book (compendium)- “may you be truly blessed to always glitter with a radiance that shines from deep within you. Barbara Becker Holstein”. I got this mirror at Ikea, and Emily has a friend that has a vinyl cutting […]

Wow! So many of us went on Mystery Rides as Kids!

On July 5th, 2008 I’m the guest on The Puddle People Hour on BlogTalkRadio.  The two hosts are Beth Marino and Pam Sargant.  That show will be archived and available 24/7.  We pre-recorded the show tonight and of course talked quite a bit about my first book, THE ENCHANTED SELF, A Positive Therapy and my […]

Summer Enchanted Moments and Memories

It is one thing to have an Enchanted Moment.  (I fully discuss Enchanted Moments in my book, THE ENCHANTED SELF, A Positive Therapy.  We all need to experience them as often as possible.  An enchanted moment can be as simple as sitting on your porch, feeling content, watching the leaves rustle in the trees and […]