Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein shares how The Enchanted Self’s use of Positive Memories relates to even food! Peanut Butter: We All Love It!

Lots of memories, even from the very distant past, are charming and heartwarming. Here is a memory that many of us can resonate to: eating peanut butter sandwiches. I was surprised and delighted to hear on public radio that in New York City there lurks a small restaurant devoted to the nostalgia and experience of […]

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, Positive Psychologist Shares A Play-date With Enchantment: Using Your Past to Your Pleasurable Advantage

Here is an exercise that can help you to retrieve positive images and sensations focusing on one or more of your senses. Begin by closing your eyes and listening to the sounds around you. Listen for a few minutes. When you feel drawn to a particular sound, stay with it. Allow yourself to mentally wonder […]


This is a critical component to general well being and a sense of happiness on a daily basis. Most of us have sustained loss and experienced pain. Yes, we’ve been hurt. We’ve been short-changed by opportunities or other people. Sometimes we’ve been stepped upon, left or forgotten. If we spend our daily life focusing on […]

The Pleasures of Making Grandma’s Memories My Own

Each season requires special behaviors and activities on our part to optimize for ourselves living a purposeful and happy life. We actually have to practice our positive emotions, just as the champion tennis player practices her swing. We have to try to use our mental capacities as fully as possible, our cognitive capacities for thought, […]