More About The Enchanted Self, A Positive Therapy

It has been commonly known in the mental health field that in order to achieve good mental health a person needs self esteem. However, what has not been stressed adequately is the importance of our memories. Often memories are encouraged that help us recall what has not worked in our life, what was dysfunctional or disappointing. We don’t emphasize enough how to use our memories to recall what has given us pleasure and wisdom in the past so as to see if we can reincorporate an old activity or interest or find a way to transform it into something that will work at whatever stage of life we are at.

As a Positive Psychologist, and Originator of a method designed to encourage hope, optimism, happiness, resiliency, purpose and meaning in life, I always teach people how to retrieve the positive parts of their memories and then celebrate the true heroine that each of us is. I find that if we take the time to learn how to read, as a blueprint, the dysfunctional times in our lives to see what strengths and survival skills stand out, we can celebrate the powerful woman inside, even if the times around the memories were less than ideal.

The Enchanted Self is a Positive Psychology that encourages positive states of mind, body and spirit. It is a growth promoting system of positive understandings and attitudinal changes, insights and simple life style changes you can make. It is geared to living a life more joyfully and fully. It is a way of seeing the glass half full and it’s a way of seeing yourself as extraordinary rather than ordinary. It’s a way of recognizing the heroine within yourself. You see that your own personal memories contain not only your history of the story of your life, but there is a wealth of wisdom with which to reinvent yourself again and again.

You are the only person who has had your unique experiences, human reactions and thoughts. You are the holder of the key to your own enchantment. It is out of your past that you can find coping skills, ability, talent and lost potential. Only you can determine what you enjoy and what gives you a sense of well being.   Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein,

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