My Mother’s Friend Remembers and Her Memories Bring Me Happiness

Tonight I was on the telephone with my mom’s best friend, growing up, Betty Hill.  They walked to school together for many years.  In fact, Betty told me that she couldn’t wait to meet up with my mom because my mom entertained her the whole way to school with descriptions of the fascinating dreams she had the night before.  Betty didn’t remember her dreams so my mother’s became her dream world also.  No day was dull as long as Bernice had a good dream!

And then there was my mother’s wedding.  It was held in Brookline at a wonderful old home, complete with a winding staircase and lots of fireplaces.  My mother was such a beautiful bride, with coal black hair, blue eyes and a beautiful white gown with exquisite hand made lace.  Betty was the maid of honor and stood at the bottom of the long staircase as my mom came down the stairs.  It was wonderful.

The home belonged to the caterer and the ceremony was followed by a delicious meal.  My father. Harry Becker, looked so handsome-tall and elegant in his white suit. 

What a moment in time.  I have pictures from their wedding, but Betty helped me to have the memories!

Thank you, Betty!

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein,


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