Four Great Personal Accomplishments That can come out of conquering worry about Financial Loss!

I’ve been talking about the 7 Pointers to remember if you are dealing with anxiety and worry around financial loss, be it  job loss,  loss of home and/or retirement funds.  In my last post I talked about the first three Pointers for Surviving the Worry and Anxiety of Financial Loss.  Before I continue with the other four, let me share with you the FIVE POSITITVE GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES that can come from facing the financial fear beast head on and dealing with this dragon. 


1. Self-Enhancement and Personal Emotional Growth;

2. A Peaceful Mind rather than an anxious’ mind. 

3. Replenishment of Yourself in mind, body and spirit-FINALLY and you know it was long overdue.

4.  A better world.  Definately a win for yourself and for others. 

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