Finding Happiness

Dear Folks,  I was looking at my Yogi tea, tea bag this morning and reading the tag.  It said, "Share your strengths, not your weaknesses."  What a wonderful saying.  In many ways that comment is the essence of THE ENCHANTED SELF, A Positive Therapy.  I teach that to find and sustain happiness we need to appreciate our strengths, celebrate them both privately and publicly.  We need to celebrate them privately so we can truly see ourselves as having potential and the capacities to do great things in our lives.  And we need to bring them forth publicly so we don’t hang back and not use our potential.  I have seen so many people flower once they were comfortable to admit to themselves and the world what their talents really are instead of always making sure they reminded themselves or others of their weaknesses.  What do you think?  Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein,, Positive Psychologist

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