Reciipe For Happiness

Dear Folks, At the above address you will find an interesting article about Happiness and how we respond to various settings.  For example, what if we work in an environment that pulls us down all the time?  How can we stay happy?  Here is one Recipe for Happiness:

Take some time to list your talents and interests.  This may involve going back into your childhood to see what you were good at a long time ago.  Also, you may have to unearth some things you wished to do but never had the time or maybe support to do.

Taking your own personal interests into account start brainstorming activities that you might do after work. 

Set a goal of trying at least 2 new activities outside of work over the next year. 

If you like at least one of them, go for it.  So for example, you like Yoga.  Why not try the new form of Yoga: Laughing Yoga?  Now you will get exercise and also offset you hours at the office.

Try my recipe!  You’ll like it.  All my best,  Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein,

Posted in Positive Psychology.