The Gift of Daily Happiness

Dear Folks,  For the last five days I’ve been at Reed’s Landing in Springfield, Massachusetts where my mother, Bernice Becker, author of Feel Good Stories , lives.  I sat with a man at dinner who said that he wakes up happy and stays happy the whole day.  What do you think of that?  For most of us that is a small miracle.  This man has had his losses and I’m sure his body is not perfect as a senior citizen.  Ah, but his mind.  What a joy to have a mind that has such a spirit of Happiness inside of oneself!  A true gift.

Can we learn from him?  We certainly can.  The mind, just like any other part of our body responds to practice and training.  We can train ourselves to think of something pleasant when we wake up.  We will talk further about the subject of Happiness.  But for now, try to conjur up a pleasant thought or memory when you wake up tomorrow.  Write me and share!  Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein,

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