Diary Entries

Some of you may think that all the ‘girl’s’ entries are in her diary that became The Truth (I’m a girl, I’m smart and I know everything!). But that is not true. She also had secret entries that she kept in another hidden diary. From time to time I come across one of those secret entries. Here is one. In this entry she writes about Valentine’s Day in a way that can be useful for all of us. She makes a very important point about who is very special to each of us. When you solve the puzzle I am posing than make sure you treat that special Valentine very well on Sunday!

The person will greatly appreciate being treated with care and affection! Happy Valentine’s Day! Dr. Barbara

Dear Diary,

Last year I wrote my secret entry about Paul on Valentine’s Day. Do you remember? I sent him a Valentine and I was so desperate to see if he sent me one. I had to open Valentines from everyone in the class until I found his. Do you remember what it said? It said, “Be my Valentine.” I was so happy. I could hardly sleep that night.

This year I will of course be sending Paul a Valentine. Even though I don’t feel quite the same about him. I’m not sure why, but I know one reason is that he looks away a lot when I look at him. I think he might think I’m staring at him.

Anyway, I decided to do something else this year. I read about the idea in one of my mother’s magazines. It was in an article called BE YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND. There was a long list of things you could do to be nice to yourself.

Some were stuff like skip the laundry this week , buy yourself a new nightgown and get a new hairstyle. Some of the list sounded stupid. Anyway it was for women, not girls. But the one thing I liked was Send a Valentine to Yourself. So I’m doing that this year. I have almost finished it. I made it out of construction paper and lace and it is very beautiful. And you know what I’m saying?

“I love you very much and I’ll never forget you!” I am very excited. I’m even going to glue little candy hearts on it.

Don’t tell anyone. They would think I was silly. Remember, it’s a secret.

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