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Shodo Class-22nd of January,07
By japannow(japannow)
They wrote many words: Happy Celebration, left and right, women, happiness.A boy was playing with his toys and did not disturb us. Next shodo class will be on 8th of February starting at 11:00AM.
Tsukushiclub Activities – http://nipponnow.blogspot.com/index.html

I was so excited to step into another world via the miracles of Google Alerts.  You can go there to, by linking with the above address. Suddenly I was transported to, I think Japan.  I was looking at a picture of some women taking a Shodo Class. Truthfully, I’m not sure what that is.  I think it may be a form of print making.  Can anyone tell me?  Anyway the women were writing in Japanese the following : Happy Celebration, women, happiness.  What lovely words to put down on paper in an art form.  How wonderful to look at these words from the point of view of a Positive Psychologist.  To help women celebrate themselves and the worlds they create around themselves is such a joyful task.  When women are in touch with what makes us happy and when we have the confidence and courage to make sure that we bring  into our lives the right ingredients to be happy on a regular basis then we should celebrate!  Happiness is something that women can achieve again and again but like any other special quality in life it takes work.   

Thank you, Google Alerts for bringing to me a world I have never seen that contained the words I treasure and a picture of women working artistically to bring these words to life.  Wow, Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, www.enchantedself.com

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