SECRETS, Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein’s new book, is no longer a SECRET!

I finally held SECRETS: You tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine…maybe! in my hands this past Friday. I got the proof and it was ‘love at first site’. The book is purple with beautiful flowers and just wants to be read. I approved it on Friday and now it should be ready for purchase this coming week. You can buy it on Amazon. We hope to have a Kindle edition up shortly also. I will let you know more purchase details as I know them.

How am I feeling as the author? I’m feeling very excited. All the kids and grown-ups who has previewed SECRETS have loved it. I can’t wait for more feedback and for people to tell me what discussions, thoughts and feelings have been generated by reading SECRETS. I hope I hear from people of all ages, guys, grandma’s, guidance counselors, teachers and dad’s. The ‘girl’ is 13 in the book. A mature 10 year old could definately relate. So could a 15 year old who will get a kick out of looking back to where she has already been in many ways. Grown-ups will see themselves also. Hopefully moms and dads will see great discussion material, augmented by the questions in the back of the book.

The girl writes songs and poems in SECRETS. I have left some blank pages in the back for kids to keep notes and even become creative, writing their songs and poems down.

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